Near Camera Noise in Regular Landscapes

A generated landscape using Geo-ClipMapping or other LOD technique can suffer from an excess of available geometry near to the camera, without any heighmap to support it, giving an interpolated smoothness that is undesirable.


The generated triangles near to the camera have been interpolated between two height samples and translate into a perfectly smooth surface.


If we sample a Perlin noise generated texture in the vertex shader for nearby locations we can inject some semi random height noise to provide a better experience.

Vertex Shader Fragment

float cameraDistance = length(Param_CameraPosition - worldPosition) ; if(cameraDistance < 500 ) { // Now sample the noise texture to add some variation into the nearby tiles. float4 noiseCoordinates = (float4)0;

// Use any texture coordinate system you want here – in my case its based on a variable called worldPercentile

noiseCoordinates.x = textureCoords.u * 25; noiseCoordinates.y = textureCoords.v * 25; noiseCoordinates.z = 0.0f; noiseCoordinates.w = 0.0f; // First mip map float4 noiseHeight = tex2Dlod(VertexNoiseTextureSampler, noiseCoordinates) ; worldPosition.y += (noiseHeight - 0.5f); }

And heres my noise texture;


And the result;


There are subtle, but present, pertubations in the near field geometry which prevents it now being perfectly smooth. The down-side to this technique is the need to calculate the normals in the shader; but thats no bad thing.


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