More Grass, Denser Grass

The CodeMasters blog entry made me think again about my Grass rendering using a Geometry Shader. I had followed the suggestions from Outerra to generate my grass but CodeMasters suggested combining this approach with simple billboards.

Instead of each geometry shader triangle strip representing a single blade of grass, why not just output a quad with a nicely detailed, colourful, texture. The textured quad might represent 5 or 10 blades of grass, rotated and scaled. This is a massive increase in grass density with better art, than the Outerra model.

With a bit of texture atlasing of various textures I could generate a very varied meadow with only some basic changes to my shader – and use less vertexes per location as well. Although the end result is clearly more “billboard” than “geometry” it still achieves a much higher density of foliage.

Here is the outcome with a four texture atlas




This is animated in the normal way using some perlin noise textures to generate movement. The density of the grass is overwhelming here – it looks like a forest. Changing the texture atlas to something more “grassy”;



Mmm. Thats nice.


Meadows underplating shadowed trees, distant ocean and mountains. 80 fps.


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