Putting it Together

Having re-instated the ground coverage, rivers, paths, trees etc. I get quite a good result.

I still dont know why some of my rivers run uphill. I feel another debugging session coming on.

Performance is acceptible settling in at around 60fps on a CPU loading of around 10% of an i5 4 core box. My i7 laptop struggles to keep 55fps due to a poorer graphics card. I can’t say my shader coding is very efficient and I suspect there is a whole lot of optimisation to be had there, but unfortunately shader optimisation is really quite difficult. There isn’t the equivalent of profilers or inline debuggers – it all has to be done by intution and dark arts.

A typical scene is 150,000 triangles in around 20 render calls.

See here for the video. Recorded using the new magic feature of Windows 10 – holding down the Windows key and ‘G’ opens the built-in video recorder.




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