Settlement Toplogy with Grass and Trees

I’ve now combined the settlement generation with the grass generation I outlined way back. Although the buildings are still cartoonish, and the grass too uniform, the general outline is OK. A problem persists with the blending of the four different densities of grass (I use the Outerra method of doubling the grass blade width whilst halving the number of blades) – its easy to see in the YouTube video. By adjusting the terrain base texture with the same mottling interval as the grass planting distant grass sections dont need to be painted – they just (almost) seamlessly grow of the ground of the same colour as the grass blades.

One thing to work on is shadowing in grass – there are too many polygons being generated to depth test every one of them – so I think I need to add a ‘shadow pass’ to generate a shadow map of the current scene, not just a depth map. It shows where a tree’s shadow doesnt affect the underlying grass, but does affect the underlying landscape.



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